Director of one running club's most beloved event speaks

Piscataway, NJ - Ray Petit is the founder and director of Raritan Valley Road Runners' Towpath 'Train' ing Run. In this impromptu video shot two weeks ahead of this year's 21st event on Saturday, June 1, he touches on why he conducts his non-competitive group run each year along with the Middlesex County-based running club known as RVRR . “I think they love the fact that it’s not a race, that you can pick your pace and just stay with it,” said Petit. “And they’ll have a pacer … so the pacer really does all the work. All you have to do is stay with that person. They love that everyone finishes together.”  He said he was “very comfortable with 300” runners or walkers out on the trail, but doesn’t want the event “to get too, too big,” noting that he doesn’t want anyone’s “experience” to become “dilute(d).”  At times he worries volunteers out on the trail could wind up being short of so-called Train Run “fueling” supplies at the aide “stations” along the wa